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Asset Tracker GL 505

The Asset Tracker GL 505 is a waterproof, robust and up to 1800 days enduring tracking device and can be mounted on any object.

Asset Tracker GL505
  • The Asset Tracker GL 505 is designed for use on objects of all kind.
  • Due to its small size of only 11 x 7 x 2.5 cm it fits on the smallest machinery and equipment.
  • The two replaceable batteries CF123A ensure operation of up to 1800 days. Thus, the Asset Tracker GL 505, is the proven solution for all objects that have no power supply and must be tracked over months or years.
  • The device has a sensitive GPS receiver for reliable localisazion, it is waterproof and protected in accordance with IPX7.
  • The installation is straightforward. Because of the internal antenna it can be attached externally on any objects.


This provides our online dashboard

  • Personal master account for user and device management
  • Online map with display of routes and actual positions
  • Online logbook and reporting
  • Reporting of events (time, distance, direction, ignition etc.
  • Geofencing and POI (points of interest)
  • SMS and calling credit rechargeable by credit card or prepaid invoice


  • With the geofencing feature you can define on
    a map a geographical area (eg. a parking garage or
    the unloading ramp of your customers). So you have
    your vehicle always under control and can, for example
    inform your customers 5 minutes in advance to
    unload the delivery optimal.


Asset Tracker GL505 CHF 161.45
Setup and activation, Asset Tracker GL505 CHF 52.75
Subscription Asset Tracker CHF 10.65 
Use abroad (additional monthly costs)
Roaming Zone1
CHF 10.75  
Roaming Zone2
CHF 16.15  
Roaming Zone3
CHF 32.30  

All prices are in CHF including VAT at 7.7%


SIM-card for GPRS communication included

GPS precision < 10 meters
Logging routes taken
Event handling
Motion sensor - theft protection for stationary objects
(not possible in the energy-saving mode)

Technical data

Weitht in grams 140
Size in mm 118 x 69.5 x 26.8
Energy supply replaceable CR123A lithium batteries 1500 mAh
Capacity of one set of batteriesrien One reporting per day: 1800 days
Four reportings per day: 510 days
Reportings every 5 minutes: 11 days
Waterprotection Protection class IPX7
Operating temperature -20°C to +60° C
GSM/GPRS core GSM- and GPS-module integrated
GPS module uBlox All-In-One GPS receiver
GPS precision ~ 10 meters
Communikation to the
internet server
via TCP/IP (GPRS based)
SMS Gateway  
Memory when the battery is empty the messages are not saved

internal antenna

Motion detection Motion sensor
Admittance CE, RoHS
Origin Made in China

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