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Endurance Tracker

The Endurance Tracker is a powerful tracking unit for containers, waggons, swap bodies and other large transport units of all kind.

Endurance Tracker SOLAR
  • Ideal for mounting on containers, waggons, trailers, construction machines, swap bodies and other lage transport units.
  • The internal battery ensures that objects without power supply can be tracked over many months even up to a year. If the Endurarnce Tracker is programmed to deliver 4 positions per day it will reliable send positions for 12 months.
  • It is equipped with a high sensivitiy GPS receiver for reliable tracking.
  • The device is waterproof according to IP67.
  • Easy and time saving installation because antennas are integrated inside the enclosure.
  • On request the Endurance Tracker can be equipped with a primary cell and will then work even up to 5 years if programmed to send 2-3 positions per day, up to 5 years.


The website for the management of devices and users, and the Map

  • Personal account.
  • Online map with display of actual position.
  • European and worldwide roaming possible


  • With the geofencing feature you can define
    on a map a geographical area. Monitor for example
    your precious cargo and you will be informed via
    e- mail or SMS once it reach a certain point or leaves it.


Endurance Tracker Accu (battery) (IP 67) - without charging cable CHF 322.00
Endurance Tracker (primary cell) (IP 69) CHF 376.85
Special charging cable to Endurance Tracker Accu CHF 645.10


Setup (onetime) CHF 52.75
monthly charges incl. SIM-card and data volume
CHF 10.65


Use abroad

Roaming Monthly charges Countries
Zone 1 CHF 10.75 Albania, Belgium, Germany, France ,Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembuorg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Spain, Tschech. Republic, Turkey, Hungary
Zone 2 CHF 16.15

Countries in Zone 1, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estlonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, French. Guiana, Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Guernsey Island, Isle of Man, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Martinique, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Slowakia, Slowenia, Cyprus

Zone 3 CHF 32.30

other countries

note: in some countries there is no roaming available - please ask

All prices are in CHF including VAT at 7.7%


SIM-card included
Actual position in realtime
GPS precission < 10 meters
logging routes taken
Event-Handliing (Geofence, Battery, G-Sensor etc.

Technical data

 AccuPrimary Cell
GSM/GPRS core GSM/GPRS-module integrated GSM/GPRS-module integrated
Prcessor 8 MB Flash / 2 MB RAM 8 MB Flash / 2 MB RAM
Display LED display LED display
Weight in grams 550 g 550 g
Size in mm 230 x 130 x 30 230 x 130 x 30
Power supply 

Rechargeable LiPolymer battery 13.8 Ah

Primary cell 14Ah
Battery capacity


At 10 submissions per day approximately 12 months

Primary cell

At 2-3 deliveries per day, total about 9000 submissions over 5 years

Operating temperature Operating: -20 °C to +65 °C Operating: -20 ° to +75 °C
Protection class IP67 IP69
Mounting options 4 screws

4 screws

GPS precision < 10 m < 10 m
Communication to the Internetserver via TCP/IP (GPRS based) via TCP/IP (GPRS based)
History memory Data is stored in flash memory Data is stored in flash memory
very large internal ceramic GPS patch antenna for increased GPS sensivity very large internal ceramic GPS patch antenna for increased GPS sensivity
Motion sensor motion sensor motion sensor
Approvals CE certification CE certification
Origin Made in Germany Made in Germany
Configuration options
  • Scheduled wake cycles (for example every day 06:00)
  • Movement-dependent sleep
  • Bundling of the Submissions
  • Sleeping mode in motion

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