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Gratis Fröschli

Mobile Locator "Froggy"

The child-friendly mobile phone with positioning function. Ideal for children, disabled people or the elderly.

Mobile Locator Fröschli
  • The Mobile Locator is an easy-to-use phone that comes pre-programmed with four numbers.
  • The numbers can be configured as required so that the right person – e.g. mother, father, neighbors, grandparents – can be contacted at the touch of a button.
  • The Mobile Locator can be called at any time and its location can be displayed on the online dashboard or on a smartphone (iPhone and Android) at all hours of the day or night.
    Phoning for help at any time is now child's play
  • To call for help, simply press one of the four buttons. If there is no answer, the remaining buttons are pressed until someone answers.

This provides our online dashboard

  • Personal master account for user and device management
  • Online map with display of actual position
  • Configuration of the four target numbers
  • Location requests via SMS
  • Call details and charges overview
  • SMS and calling credit rechargeable by credit card or prepaid invoice


  • With the geofencing feature you can define on a map
    a geographical area (eg. playground or school ). If the
    child should leave this area , the parents will automatically
    be notified by e-mail or SMS.


Device CHF 0.00
Setup (one-off) CHF 49.75
Initial calling credit (initial dept) CHF 9.95
Monthly charges with a minimum contract term of 12 months
incl. SIM-card and data
CHF 12.85

Call charges

Per minute, all Swiss networks CHF 0.50

Optional extras

Protective case CHF 19.85  
Headphones with USB socket CHF 9.85  
USB 5V car charger
CHF 9.85  
USB 5V car charger, 2-fold
CHF 12.85  
Cabel USB 2.0 mini
CHF 12.85  

All prices are in CHF including VAT at 7.7%


SIM-card with own phone number
Four programmable destination phone numbers
Alarming by telephone call
Last location display every 5 min.
Current position can be reportet via text message on calling
GPS precision < 100 meters
Logging routes taken

Technical data

Transmitter and receiver –
integrated GSM- and GPS-module
Weight in grams 65
Size in mm 74.8 x 42.8 x 17.5mm
Power supply Rechargeable Li-polymer battery. Intelligent internal quick-charge controller; easy to recharge via USB socket (e.g. on a laptop or charger)
Battery mode Energy-saving mode can be activated via motion sensor
Battery power Approx. 3-4 days with standard configuration
Communication with Internet server via TCP/IP (GPRS based)
SMS Gateway  
History log If the battery is dead, positions not sent are lost
Approvals CE approval, RoHS-compliant
Country of manufacture China
Interfaces USB
Scope of delivery Fully configured including voice SIM card
Tracker lanyard
Charging cable with mains adapter

What our customers say
Children    "I am always surprised by what services you offer with this little device. We are all very enthusiastic and make diligent advertising for your Froggy." 
Claudia K.
Sports    "Wanna see my route today? Login xxx. This is also the "Machine" that has sent this automatic email. :-) a wonderful toy!"
Gabriel G.
Gigathlon    "I think the idea is really awesome, by using we can extremely reduce waiting times in the transition areas, allowing the "waiting" athletes a longer recovery period."
Simon G. 
Dementia    My father is currently walking miles and we are just glad because of its dementia that we can see his whereabouts. The tracker is simply awesome! " 
Daniela U.
Airplane    " is super! I have recorded all of my tracks I've flown wit my Piper in the wilderness of Alaska. A very valuable tool that can also contribute significantly to safety."
Franz G.
Nursing home    "We are very grateful for the devices. Our patients take them and enjoy their freedom. Already a couple of times we coule find lost patients with very litte effort and brin them back."
Anna S.

Retail Shops

Apotheke Stoffel AG Klaus-Gebert-Strasse 2 8640 Rapperswil
Baby Center Zollikofen Kreuzstrasse 2 3052 Zollikofen
Demenzladen Basel Feldbergstrasse 26 4057 Basel
K55 AG Universitätstrasse 13 8006 Zürich
Kinderarztpraxis Dr. med. Renggli Mellligerstrasse 1 5400 Baden
Könix AG Steinmühleplatz 1 8001 Zürich
Coiffeursalon Style Factory Husmatt 1 5405 Baden-Dättwil


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