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GPS for the care and support of people

Locating people with security functions

The GPS trackers for people are small, easy to use and have an emergency button.

  • As small as a matchbox
  • These GPS trackers are small, extremely robust and splash-proof.
  • SOS button
  • The devices are equipped with an SOS button. When pressed, SMS and e-mail are triggered.
  • Geofencing and Points of Interest
  • An unlimited number of geofencings and PoIs can be created and serve as the basis for alarms.
  • Location accurate to the second
  • At any time via the dashboard and app
  • All inclusive
  • All subscriptions include a SIM card, data transmission, optionally also internationally, and all functions.
  • Online map with routes and positions
  • Routes and positions are saved for 12 months.
  • User and device management
  • All devices and users are managed by the customer himself.

locating people

Universally applicable, mobile tracker for locating people. Small, robust, splash-proof and equipped with an emergency button.