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«With's driver recognition, it is always clear who is currently driving the vehicle. This extends right through to the driver logbook and the evaluations.»

Beat Dübendorfer, entrepreneur Weinfelden

Driver recocnition from

The driver recognition service is implemented with either an RFID or an iButton system. The systems are connected to the fleet tracker GV350M installed in the vehicle and report the login when the vehicle is started. To ensure login, a warning tone sounds when the ignition is turned on and the vehicle is not logged in.

  • System integrated with the fleet tracker
  • Selectable between iButton system or RFID cards
  • Logbook and KM reports personalized to the driver
  • Easy demarcation between private and business
  • Note for login via buzzer or lamp
  • Existing cards (MIFARE, LEGIC and ELID) and iButtons can be used
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The RFID card reader set consists of the DR200 reader and two cards.

Of course, your own RFID cards (MIFARE, LEGIC and ELID) can also be used.

RFID Set - DR200 card reader with cards

The iButton set consists of the iButton reader and two iButton with holder.

iButton Set
iButton Set - incl. 2 iButtons with holder

The buzzer for alarming when not logged in.

Active Buzzer
Active Buzzer