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«I can store the service intervals for each vehicle and forget them again! The maintenance planner automatically informs me when an appointment is due.»

Jean-Pierre Gasser, Chief Dispatcher Kerzers

The maintenance planner from

The maintenance planner ensures that no deadlines are missed. An individual interval for maintenance is defined for each vehicle. This can be based on tachometer reading or time intervals. When a service is due, the maintenance planner automatically generates an order that is renewed once it has been completed.

Wartungsplaner von
  • Works with all GPS trackers for vehicles
  • Maintenance plan based on mileage or schedule
  • Completion can be acknowledged
  • Generates new maintenance date after completion
  • Can generate automatic intervals
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GPS-Tracker for cars and delivery vans  

GPS trackers for cars can be easily and quickly plugged into the OBD socket. There is also a built-in variant, here the device is permanently installed.