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«We use the Tracker IoT SIM in those security modules where we cannot access a local network.»

Edi Bauer, Security Engineer Bern

Tracker IoT SIM - 1 Mbit/s at CHF 4.90 / mo.

The Tracker IoT SIM is ideal for the use in applications in the Internet of Things IoT and mobile devices such as handheld terminals that require little bandwidth. With 1 Mbit / s down and upload speed, enough bandwidth is available.

The Tracker IoT SIM is an integral part of the SIM Management Portal SIMP from With the SIMP your own SIM cards can be managed independently. The API can be used for external access.

 Tracker SIM
* The available bandwidth depends on the capacity of the respective transmitting antenna and the number of assigned active mobile devices. For the use of the service the "Fair-Use-Policy" for Tracker SIM applies.

All prices incl. 7.7 % VAT
  • SIM Management Portal SIMP for management of the individual SIM-cards
  • Definable statistics and evaluations
  • API to the SIM Management Portal SIMP
  • Bandwidth 1 Mbit/s Down- und Upload *
  • 5G-ready SIM for any device
  • No activation charges
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