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GPS-Tracker for Events

GPS tracker for organizers of outdoor events.

The system is ideal for the organization and logistics of outdoor events. The GPS devices can also be rented seasonally.

  • All inclusive
  • All subscriptions include a SIM card, data transmission in real time and all functions such as geofencing, POI, reporting, sensor evaluation and much more.
  • Small, lightweight GPS trackers
  • The handy devices are equipped with an SOS button. When pressed, SMS and e-mail are triggered.
  • Geofencing
  • The gerfencing function can be used to define areas which, for example, must not be left.
  • Points of Interest
  • Intermediate destinations, refreshment points and the like are defined as points of interest.
  • Without data loss
  • The devices have internal memory and so positions and data are simply delivered when a connection is possible again.
  • Standardized interfaces (API)
  • The data can be transferred to an external system so that, for example, the positions can be published on your own website.

locating people

Universally applicable, mobile tracker for locating people. Small, robust, splash-proof and equipped with an emergency button.