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GPS-Tracker for coach and bus companies

With the GPS tracker for coach companies you always know where the vehicle is, globally!

The tracking works internationally in real time and records the routes taken.

  • Built-in devices
  • These GPS trackers are usually built into the vehicle .
  • All inclusive
  • All subscriptions include a SIM card, data transfer and all functions such as geofencing, POI, reporting, sensor evaluation and much more. With the “Roaming” option, tracking works worldwide.
  • Track online, internationally
  • Data recording (routes, positions, speed and sensor data) every few seconds. Visible in the dashboard and the tracker app. The data will be saved for 12 months.
  • Without data loss
  • The devices have internal memory and so positions and data are simply delivered when a connection is possible again.
  • Can be retrofitted at any time
  • The GPS trackers can be retrofitted with driver recognition at any time.
  • Evaluations
  • The logbook and various daily and multi-day reports can be called up at any time and exported for further processing.
  • Standardized Interfaces (API)
  • Data exchange with various ERP solutions.

GPS tracker for bus and coach companies 

The GPS tracker for bus companies is permanently installed and can be retrofitted with driver recognition at any time.