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GPS-Tracker for cars and delivery vans

Always know where the vehicles are

GPS trackers for cars and delivery vans can be permanently installed or flexibly changed from vehicle to vehicle without complex installations.

  • Flexible devices
  • These GPS trackers are either permanently installed or simply inserted into the OBD interface .
  • All inclusive
  • All subscriptions include a SIM card, data transmission, optionally also internationally, and all functions.
  • Online map with routes and positions
  • Routes and positions are saved for 12 months.
  • Location accurate to the second
  • At any time via the dashboard and app.
  • Towing alert
  • If the vehicle is stationary and it is moved without ignition, an alarm can be triggered by SMS and email.
  • No data loss
  • The devices have internal memory and so positions and data are simply delivered when a connection is possible again.
  • Logbook
  • The online logbook provides information on routes and stops.
  • Geofencing and Points of Interest
  • Unlimited number of geofencings and Poi's can be created and serve as a basis for alarms, theft protection, time measurements, etc.
  • User and device management
  • All devices and users are managed by the customer himself.
  • Standardized Interfaces (API)
  • Datena exchange with various ERP solutions.

GPS-Tracker for cars and delivery vans  

GPS trackers for cars can be easily and quickly plugged into the OBD socket. There is also a built-in variant, here the device is permanently installed.