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GPS tracker for the construction industry

GPS Tracker developed for the special needs of the construction industry

Waterproof and extremely robust devices with years of operating time and functions for operating time evaluation - that is the solution for the construction industry.

  • Robust and with years of battery life
  • These GPS trackers can be attached to any construction machine, they are extremely robust and waterproof (IP67).
    An example: The LPN Tracker powered by LoRa.
  • Record operating times
  • With the LPN Tracker, the operating times of machines can be recorded, regardless of ignition and power supply.
  • Standardized interfaces (API)
  • Data exchange with various ERP solutions and integration of construction machinery using the ISO standard (15143-3)
  • All inclusive
  • All subscriptions come with data transfer and dashboard functions.
  • Data security
  • The GPS trackers have internal memories and so data is simply delivered when a connection is possible again. The data are available over 12 months.
  • Geofencing and Points of Interest
  • An unlimited number of geofencings and PoI's (e.g. for construction site assignment) can be created and serve as a basis for alarms, theft protection, time measurements, etc.
  • User and device management
  • All devices and users are managed by the customer himself.

Object location, theft protection and operating hours evaluation, IP67 protected

GPS tracker with extremely long battery time for locating objects and machines without their own power supply. The devices are waterproof (IP67) and very robust. Ideal for construction machinery and for recording and evaluating operating hours of machines and devices.