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«I can see immediately where the vehicles are, are they free or occupied, and for how long. This simplifies my work and makes our service faster and more efficient.»

René Graf, Taxi operator Weinfelden

The Taxi dispatching solution from

For the Taxi dispatching solution the fleet tracker is connected to the taximeter. The operating status is transmitted in real time to the dashboard.

The dispatching department has the information where the vehicles are located, which ones are available and which one has the shortest approach route. The vehicle fleet is used more efficiently and customers are served faster.

The Taxi Dispo solution can also be combined well with the driver recongnition from

  • Display and evaluation grouped by free / busy / in Workshop etc.
  • Logbook and KM reports
  • System integrated with the fleet tracker
  • Positions and data transmission in real time
  • Combines well with driver recognition from

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GPS Tracker for transport and logistics 

The GPS trackers for transport and logistics are permanently installed and can be retrofitted with sensors and driver recognition at any time.