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«The temperatures in the refrigerated compartments are constantly transmitted and stored. I am informed of the slightest irregularities and can act immediately.»

Martin Schmid, frozen products Luzern

Cold chain monitoring from

The flexible and intelligent cold chain solution from for monitoring, registering and evaluating temperatures and temperature trends in refrigerated transports. Regardless of the refrigeration systems used, the refrigeration data is recorded, transmitted and stored for evaluation in real time. At the same time as the measured temperatures, the positions and routes traveled are recorded and registered.

  • Flexible solution - compatible with all brands of refrigeration equipment
  • Easy proof of temperature history with time and position information up to 24 months back
  • Temperature readings available online at any time
  • No more manual reading of the data necessary
  • Logging of the dwell time at the loading and unloading points
  • Automatic transmission of the temperature report during unloading by email
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The temperature sensor with 8 meters cable length.
Up to two temperature sensors can be connected directly to the GV350M fleet tracker.

Temperatur Sensor 8 Meter