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GPS-Tracker for road maintenance and public services

Solutions for tracking in road maintenance, snow removal or waste management

The routes are recorded and clearly displayed. You can see at any time where the maintenance vehicles are traveling, which routes have already been completed and which are still open.

  • Devices that can be used flexibly
  • The GPS trackers are permanently installed in the vehicles or interchangeable devices are used.
  • All inclusive
  • All subscriptions include a SIM card, data transfer and all functions such as geofencing, POI, etc.
  • Online map with routes and positions
  • Routes and positions are saved for 12 months.
  • Detailed recording accurate to the second
  • The routes can be called up at any time via the dashboard and app.
  • No data loss
  • The devices have internal memory and so positions and data are simply delivered when a connection is possible again.
  • Evaluation and accounting
  • The online reports can be used for billing with contract drivers. The online logbook provides information on routes and stops.
  • User and device management
  • All devices and users are managed by the customer himself.
  • Standardized Interfaces (API)
  • Data exchange with various ERP solutions.

GPS Tracker for road maintenance and public service

PS Tracker for road maintenance and public service are either permanently installed inside the vehicle or outside. The waterproof GV75M is suitable for machines of various types. The OBD tracker can also be used flexibly. or interchangeable GPS trackers can be used and plugged into the vehicle's OBD socket.