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«Every year containers and bins are lost or stolen in several thousand francs. The object monitoring is worthwhile for us in any case.»

Bojan Jurkojevic, Dispatch Manager Zug

Object monitoring and alarming

Many functions in the dashboard are suitable for monitoring all kinds of objects, be it vehicles, appliances, doors and windows or even people. Geofencings, thresholds of sensors (movement light, humidity and temperature) allow in combination a fine-tuning for monitoring and alerting.

The combination of different functions and sensors allows a complete and total solution for monitoring and theft protection.

  • Alerting via e-mail and SMS
  • Event transfer to external systems
  • For machines, vehicles, apparatus and objects
  • Rugged and waterproof IP67 rated devices
  • Determine locking condition of doors and windows
  • Data transmission via mobile or LoRa network
  • Geofencing and Points of Interest POIs
  • Real-time and daily/weekly reports
  • Data export and connection via API
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Object location, theft protection and operating hours evaluation, IP67 protected

GPS tracker with extremely long battery time for locating objects and machines without their own power supply. The devices are waterproof (IP67) and very robust. Ideal for construction machinery and for recording and evaluating operating hours of machines and devices.