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«The Tracker Speed SIM is perfect for our internet access backup and failover. This way we have enough bandwidth even in an emergency.»

Christian Halbeisen, Network-Engineer Zug

Tracker Speed SIM 100/50 Mbit/s* for CHF 7.90 / month

The Tracker Speed ​​SIM is suitable for IoT solutions that primarily require temporarily bandwidth, such as failover, fixed line backup, remote maintenance and also for mobile devices in the business environment, such as hand-held terminals, laptops, notebooks or tablets. However, the Speed ​​SIM is not suitable for permanently high transmission capacities. Streaming TV or other streaming services is explicitly prohibited. The data volume is designed for a maximum of 20 GB per month.

The Tracker Speed ​​SIM is an integral part of the SIM Management Portal SIMP from With the SIMP your own SIM cards can be managed independently. The API can be used for external access.

 Tracker SIM
* The available bandwidth depends on the capacity of the respective transmitting antenna and the number of assigned active mobile devices. For the use of the service the "Fair-Use-Policy" for Tracker SIM applies.

All prices incl. 7.7 % VAT
  • 5G-ready SIM card with unlimited down- and upload *
  • Highspeed Internet for fixed line backup, notebooks, tablets and smartphones
  • Definable statistics and evaluations
  • API to the SIM Management Portal
  • Bandwidth 100 Mbit/s download and 50 Mbit/s upload
  • No activation charges
  • Suitable for office applications. not suitable for streaming applications.
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