• Tracker IoT SIM - the solution for IoT applications 1 Mbit/s for CHF 4.90

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  • Vehicle tracking and fleet management from Switzerland's No. 1

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  • Tracking for construction machinery and objects from Switzerland's No. 1

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GPS Tracking and Datatransmission

Tracker.com offers location systems and data transmission for different business areas. The Tracker.com solutions are used to optimize processes through vehicle location, object location, person location and route tracking. Use the data transmission systems from tracker.com for the integration of various sensor data in intelligent IoT solutions.

Localisation of objects, theft prevention and recording of operating hours

Tracking devices with very long lasting batteries designed for objects and machines that do not have on board powersupply. The devices are waterproof (IP67) and very robust. Designed for construction machines and for the purpose of recording and transmitting of operating hours of any machine and apparatus.

Locating people, animals and mobile objects

Mobile GPS Tracker for locating people, handy and equipped with an emergency button. Universally applicable, robust and splash-proof.

As a website or app with the map view for locating and managing devices and users

  • User and device management
  • Online map with routes and positions
  • Geofencing and POI (Point of Interest)
  • Event reporting
  • Reports and evaluations


Define geographical aereas on the map in the dashboard.

  • Be informed by e-mail and SMS when entering and leaving.
  • Use the anti-theft function for vehicles, objects and valuable cargo.
  • Have events created with which you can control alarm systems.
  • Use the events for your reporting and other applications.

Administration and reporting

  • Manage users, devices, groups and permissions.
  • Allocate devices to users and groups.
  • Define actions to be performed based on geo-fencing, battery level etc.
  • Use the standard reports for your evaluations.
  • Access your data via the API to process it further..