Free testing AG AG has been developing and selling GPS tracking solutions, IoT solutions and a SIM management portal under the brand for over 10 years.
Modular, secure and highly scalable solutions without having to make large investments of our own are our credo.
Our dashboard and the SIM management portal are intuitive, easy to use and are constantly being developed.
Tens of millions of lines of code were specially written to respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs and thus constantly adapt the software to market expectations.
GPS tracking, LORA / LPN tracking and IoT solutions are our strengths.

GPS Tracking

From the location to analizing operating hours, cooling temperatures, traveled distances, kilometer reporting and much more is already included in the standard solution.
The data is transmitted in real time.
Our solutions are particularly popular with SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) because no investments in expensive and rigid standard software are required, and the SIM card including the generated data traffic is already integrated in the service.
Everything is visible and configurable in the dashboard.
For the location of mobile objects (bicycles, suitcases, value boxes, drones ...) as well as people (seniors and children with the characteristics of insecurity, dementia, autism etc.) tracker has small, mobile and universally applicable GPS trackers on offer. Above all, the battery life of the devices is permanently optimized here.

The savety of any veicule, object or person is ensured via predefined alarms and the individually created geofencing.

LORA/LPN Tracking

The second mainstay of is the specially developed GPS location based on the LORA / LPN technology (Low Power Network), which allows an autonomy of over 5 years. The collection of data and transmission at freely definable time intervals are impressive advantages. Various types of sensors are available here, whether there are decibels, light, levels or temperature, there are practically no limits.

IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly important and is developing rapidly.
We provide a SIM management portal for your own IoT projects. Collecting and evaluating the data via the SIM card is an increasingly important success factor. A standard at
The Tracker SIM card - more than just a SIM card.

Sensors of various types and AI (artificial intelligence) shape the developments of our solutions. Customer concerns are very important to us, as they help to advance our software and then make the newly developed functions available to everyone.

Of course, everything is also accessible via APP (iOS and Android) AG was founded in April 2010 by Guido Honegger (founder of and later Former employees of also work at
Today tracker employs a total of 15 highly motivated employees.
Customers and employees make tracker what tracker is today.