A. Applicability
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B. Exclusion of Warranty
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C. Non-Binding Offer
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E. Exclusion of Liability
Any liability of Tracker.ch AG for any damage or consequential damage resulting from any access to the elements of the www.tracker.com website or its use (and/or from any impossibility of access or use) shall be excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law. Neither Tracker.ch AG nor any other parties involved in the creation, design and provision of the www.tracker.ch website shall be liable for any direct damage, indirect damage, consequential damage or any other damage, whether or not caused by non-compliance with contractual obligations, by slight to moderate negligence or by any other unlawful act, as a consequence of any visit to, use of or lack of usage possibilities of www.tracker.com as well as due to any errors or omissions in the contents. Tracker.ch AG has not verified any of the websites linked with the www.tracker.com website and does not assume any responsibility for their content, for the products and/or services offered on such websites or for any other offers.

F. E-Mails
Even if Tracker.ch AG endeavours to process any e-mails in a timely manner, their receipt may be impaired due to technical or operational reasons. Tracker.ch AG does not give any guarantee for the timely processing of e-mails in any case.

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H. Reservation of Modifications
Tracker.ch AG reserves the right to modify the present disclaimer at any time without any prior notice.

I. Contact
If you have any questions or comments regarding the present disclaimer, please do not hesitate to contact Tracker.ch AG at any time. In this case, please send your e-mail to info@tracker.com.

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